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Development strategy and Pipeline

Develop pharmaceuticals based on global intellectual property strategy, centered on research results

from Kyoto University's Department of Dementia Control

Therapeutic Vaccines for Aging-Related Diseases

The world's population is aging rapidly over the next half century.
Development of therapeutic agents for aging-related diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, chronic kidney disease, and lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis is desired.
Vaccine therapies that prevent the accumulation of substances produced in the body that cause neurodegenerative diseases will lead to fundamental treatments for aging-related diseases.


Features and Benefits of VLP Vaccine

1. Highly effective due to high-density antigen presentation
2. Adaptable to various diseases by changing antigens
3. Safe because it does not contain viral genes.
4. Symptoms can be improved by early phase treatment
5.  Low cost and can be delivered to a large number of people
6. Reduces treatment frequency and caregiver burden

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Immune Cell Aging and Antibody Drugs

Research at Kyoto University is leading the way in clarifying the mechanism of immune cell aging
Aging immune cells cause persistent inflammation in various tissues in the body, which results various chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Aims to develop first-in-class products that act on aging immune cells.


Characteristics and Advantages of Antibody Drugs

1. High efficacy and therapeutic effect
2. High safety and minimal side effects by targeting only aging immune cells
3. Potential for adaptation to various diseases associated with aging
4. Efficient treatment by screening

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Super-efficient drug discovery
Personalized Medicine

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We will realize personalized medicine by dramatically reducing the time and cost of new drug development through super-efficient drug discovery.
We actively utilize AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies in basic research, non-clinical development, and clinical development.
Furthermore, we develop highly effective and safe drugs through highly accurate screening based on RWD.

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