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Bio-venture for Healthy Longevity and Anti-Aging from Kyoto University

Developing next-generation drugs for a healthy society with longevity

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Latest news

Cyn-K Bio Inc. is committed to solving the challenges of a super-aging society through the development of next-generation medicine.


Our mission is

to realize a healthy and long-lived society

Inflammation caused by cellular aging is known to be a trigger for many diseases.

We aim to realize a healthy society with longevity through the development of innovative medicines to treat diseases associated with aging.

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a super-aging society

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Researchers around the world are tackling the challenge of healthy longevity.
The results will lead to a future that enhances the sustainability of the world and the dignity of all people.

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Healthy Longevity and Aging Research

Aging is a complex biological process

Research and development of drugs that directly approach the mechanisms of aging, as revealed by the latest science, has begun around the world.

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Antibody drugs and vaccines

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Some diseases associated with aging are due to the accumulation of unwanted substances produced by the body.

Antibody drugs treat disease by acting directly on these unwanted substances, neutralizing them or causing them to be eliminated from the body.

Vaccines are expected to prevent the accumulation of substances leading to disease by causing immune cells to store them in memory and produce antibodies.

Vaccines are expected to be developed for therapeutic purposes that act on substances produced in the body.

Our Technology and Approach

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Antibody drugs to meet unmet medical needs Development of therapeutic vaccines using VLP technology

We are developing antibody drugs and therapeutic vaccines based on a global intellectual property strategy, with a focus on the research results of the Department of Dementia Control, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University.

AI, IoT, Blockchain
The era of personalized medicine will begin with the application of the latest technologies

Through appropriate health monitoring and genome analysis, the body's condition is understood and data-driven treatments are provided

Super-efficient drug discovery


Personalized medicine

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